Friday, June 19, 2009

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on fire...

The Georgia Theatre caught fire this morning; Lots of great memories of that place for many of us. Let's hope she comes back stronger (although it will never be the same)...

AJC Article.

Some good comments over at the GSB on memories;, one of my favorites:

"Carlton said...
My favorite memory was probably in 2001 when I took my girlfriend who was from New Jersey to the GA Theater to hear David Allen Coe. We broke up that night."

Any favorite memories?


Friday, April 10, 2009


The G-Day game is on Saturday with Kickoff at 1pm. ESPN will be broadcasting with Brad Nessler (play-by-play) & Kirk Herbstreit (color analyst) calling the game. Stephen Loves Cox, so I know he is excited...

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Welcome Coach Fox!

Georgia hoops can now move forward. I'll admit it - I had a fever earlier this week and the only thing I thought could cure it was Mike Anderson. When he re-upped with Mizzou, I had panic-stricken moments where I thought we might actually end up with Bobby Knight, which might be a fate worse than death. But, Damon Evans pulled a fast one on everybody and grabbed a guy from the west coast. Before tonight, I couldn't tell you who Nevada's head coach is, but I can now tell you who it used to be:

I must say, this appears to be a man to whom cutting down nets is an everyday thing. A pleasant task, for sure, but not something that you do only when heck freezes over (or tornadoes tear the roof of the arena). So, the Felton era is officially done and the Fox era has begun. I hope I am not overly optimistic in saying that this is the moment that the basketball team turned a corner.

Here's his bio: Nevada Wolfpack site

P.S. - Keep an eye out for the #1 ranked Diamond Dawgs as they host #2 LSU in a Clash-O'-the-Titans three game set this weekend, and for the Gym Dawgs as they go into NCAA regionals as the heavy-heavy favorite to advance to the Super Six.


Sunday, March 01, 2009

Baseball Time!

Don't look now, but the Diamond Dawgs are 8-0 to start the season. Granted, five of those wins came at the expense of Youngstown State and the Blue Hose of Presbyterian, but the team is fresh off a three-game sweep on the road against Arizona. Everyone knows that Perno's team has an odd/even year bad/good thing going, but this team is expected to be a contender this year and early season results have done nothing to change anyone's opinion. And, they don't have to use Nike bats this year.

If last season didn't convince you that cheering on the UGA baseball team is more fun than suffering through a late-July MLB snooze-fest, then take it from the man:

It's that little-bitty 'ping.' It's not the same.
Go Dawgs!


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Felton Out.

Bummer, sort of. It became obvious that it is time for his era to end, but I wanted Coach Felton to have the opportunity to finish out the season. I had high hopes, with the talent of Leslie, Ware, and Thompkins, and some energy in the program after last year's miracle SEC Tourney. It's tough to replace a guy like Yata or to replace the fire of a Dave Bliss, but I thought this would really be a building year to spark a multi-year run. It just didn't work out that way.

But, Georgia basketball fans owe Felton a big thank-you. He took over a program that nobody would touch with a ten foot pole. Nobody can doubt that he ran a tight ship. He took a few chances on guys with talent but without discipline, caught a few bad breaks, but still managed to give the fans one of the best moments in 20 years. If I could condense that first Tubby season into one weekend, it would trump last year's tourney run, but otherwise?

He had his ups and downs with the fans. Early on, I think he expected a little too much of them and they expected a little too much of him. But, he's a guy that certainly worked hard enough to deserve this moment:

So, here's to you, Coach Felton. Wherever you go, may your ship be tight, your suit be pressed, and your emotions be animated.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Debbie Downer Says....

It's been almost two weeks of bad sports headlines. Here's a rundown:

Jan. 3: Falcons lose playoff game to Arizona
Jan. 3: Hoop Dawgs lose to Missouri with a late-game collapse
Jan. 6: Hoop Dawgs lose to Georgia Tech with a late-game collapse
Jan. 7: Stafford and Moreno announce that they are leaving for the draft
Jan. 7: John Smoltz announces he is leaving the Braves for Boston
Jan. 7: Hawks lose to division leading Orlando
Jan. 8: Florida Gators defeat Chokelahoma to win another national title
Jan. 9: Hawks lose to division leading Orlando, again
Jan. 9: Gym Dawgs defeat West Virginia. Why is this bad? Because it was in unimpressive fashion, and they need to do better to win their 5th consecutive national championship.
Jan. 10: Hoop Dawgs lose to Tennessee with a late-game collapse
Jan. 13: Georgia's top defensive back Asher Allen announces he is leaving for the NFL
Jan. 14: #1 Basketball prospect Derrick Favors announces he is spurning Georgia for Georgia Tech
Jan. 14: There are four minutes to go in the first half against Vandy, and the basketball team has only scored 16 points.

After compiling this list, I absolutely had to find some good news. So, there's this:

Top recruiter Rodney Garner declined an offer for more money with the Volunteers.
The Diamond Dawgs are ranked #5 by the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association.
The #1 ranked Lady Bulldog swimmers and divers defeated #6 Texas.

So, I guess it isn't all bad. Well, Go Dawgs!


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Worst Sports Week Ever?

Things are rough in sports fan-world. Starting last Saturday, the Falcons lose their playoff game, the Bulldawg basketball team loses to Tech in a game that proved that the team is not, in fact, "on the right track," Stafford and Moreno announce they are leaving for the NFL, and now we hear that John Smoltz is going to pitch for the Red Sox, who I actually hate more than the Yankees (ask me about it sometime, because I love to ramble on and on about my reasons why). And, the Hawks lose at home to division-leading Orlando. What is a Georgia/Atlanta sports fan to do?

Write an open interweb letter to the Oklahoma head coach, of course.

Dear Bob Stoops,

If you don't beat Florida tonight, I will sue you.

With all my heart,

Honestly, if the Gators win another national championship, in no less than OUR YEAR, I will puke. Just in case you are tempted to pull for Florida because you somehow believe in this conference-rivalry, strength of schedule, makes-Georgia-look-good nonsense, I can assure you - there will be no trophy in Butts-Mehre and the players will receive no rings if Florida wins. Make no mistake - the Big 12 South lovefest we have endured this year is sickening. More sickening, however, is a repeat of this:

Two years later, and still a sweet jacket, though.

So, Boomer Sooner, or whatever.