Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Debbie Downer Says....

It's been almost two weeks of bad sports headlines. Here's a rundown:

Jan. 3: Falcons lose playoff game to Arizona
Jan. 3: Hoop Dawgs lose to Missouri with a late-game collapse
Jan. 6: Hoop Dawgs lose to Georgia Tech with a late-game collapse
Jan. 7: Stafford and Moreno announce that they are leaving for the draft
Jan. 7: John Smoltz announces he is leaving the Braves for Boston
Jan. 7: Hawks lose to division leading Orlando
Jan. 8: Florida Gators defeat Chokelahoma to win another national title
Jan. 9: Hawks lose to division leading Orlando, again
Jan. 9: Gym Dawgs defeat West Virginia. Why is this bad? Because it was in unimpressive fashion, and they need to do better to win their 5th consecutive national championship.
Jan. 10: Hoop Dawgs lose to Tennessee with a late-game collapse
Jan. 13: Georgia's top defensive back Asher Allen announces he is leaving for the NFL
Jan. 14: #1 Basketball prospect Derrick Favors announces he is spurning Georgia for Georgia Tech
Jan. 14: There are four minutes to go in the first half against Vandy, and the basketball team has only scored 16 points.

After compiling this list, I absolutely had to find some good news. So, there's this:

Top recruiter Rodney Garner declined an offer for more money with the Volunteers.
The Diamond Dawgs are ranked #5 by the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association.
The #1 ranked Lady Bulldog swimmers and divers defeated #6 Texas.

So, I guess it isn't all bad. Well, Go Dawgs!



At 1/15/2009 10:04 AM, Blogger E.A.L said...

Don't forget; EAL took $585 in the bowl pool!!! Yes, I'm proud of this accomplishment; and the only real bright spot for me over that time period...


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