Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Roundball Update

Things are slower did Kirby put it again? Well, not slow in the real world, but slow in the Dawg world. I've been meaning to post a wicked recipe for Bulldawg Beans, but the DOTWU attorneys say to hold off until the patent application is approved.

In the meantime, basketball fans are riding high after the victory over Virginia Tech. This team might actually have some life in it after all.

Check out this video of former Dawg Chris Daniels getting nasty playing for somebody - I don't know who. It might be the Krakow Knickerbockers.

There's a great blog out there: DaugMan's Chronicles that provides good coverage on all the former players. There's a nice write-up on Fred Gibson. It looks like Steve Newman and Ezra Williams are also playing in the NBA D-League. Check out the Italian newspaper article on Yata: Gaines avverte 'Odio Perdere.'

Now, I just need to get around to my semi-annual internet search to see what Quincy Carter is up to. "That guy has eyes in the back of his head."


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