Thursday, April 02, 2009

Welcome Coach Fox!

Georgia hoops can now move forward. I'll admit it - I had a fever earlier this week and the only thing I thought could cure it was Mike Anderson. When he re-upped with Mizzou, I had panic-stricken moments where I thought we might actually end up with Bobby Knight, which might be a fate worse than death. But, Damon Evans pulled a fast one on everybody and grabbed a guy from the west coast. Before tonight, I couldn't tell you who Nevada's head coach is, but I can now tell you who it used to be:

I must say, this appears to be a man to whom cutting down nets is an everyday thing. A pleasant task, for sure, but not something that you do only when heck freezes over (or tornadoes tear the roof of the arena). So, the Felton era is officially done and the Fox era has begun. I hope I am not overly optimistic in saying that this is the moment that the basketball team turned a corner.

Here's his bio: Nevada Wolfpack site

P.S. - Keep an eye out for the #1 ranked Diamond Dawgs as they host #2 LSU in a Clash-O'-the-Titans three game set this weekend, and for the Gym Dawgs as they go into NCAA regionals as the heavy-heavy favorite to advance to the Super Six.



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