Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Long National Nightmare is Over

Odell is back! The AJC reports that the NFL has reinstated Odell Thurman. Apparently, the league is satisfied that he served his punishment for substance abuse (isn't that really a victimless crime?) and DUI. Hopefully, we'll see him in pads for Cincinnati in the fall. Man, I really miss Odell and Thomas Davis. They have to be the nastiest linebaker/safety combo to play on the same college team in a long time. Here's a "finesse" clip of Odell.

Sadly, this news comes on the same day that we learn what we suspected all along - David Pollack's playing days are really over. Nobody certainly ever questioned the guy's heart and determination, but sometimes a person is just meant for other things - like appearing in French music videos:

Just in case you don't agree that the song is completely awesome, and you don't want to watch the whole thing, fast-forward to the 1:40 mark to see David Pollack in action.

In other news - don't miss the Gym Dawgs going for four national titles in a row in front of a home crowd this weekend. Attendees should wear their dark gear, as the plan is to blackout Stegeman all weekend.

And, don't look now but the baseball team is off to the best SEC start in school history at 14-3-1, and is now ranked #5 by Collegiate Baseball and #10 by Baseball America. The goal is a national seed and a Super Regional at Foley Field.

The Equestrian title has returned to its rightful home, with the Horse Dawgs winning their third national title since 2002, knocking off cow colleges Texas A&M, Auburn, and Okie State.

You only call it a cow college because
it was founded by a cow.

Congrats to all the spring teams on their continued success.

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At 4/23/2008 12:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly, I own that Yelle album. They're considered in France the "Brittany Spears" of French pop, but I'll be damned if that music ain't catchy.


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