Saturday, August 09, 2008

Just throw it man, as far as you can

I don't think the anticipation and excitement can get any higher. The SI cover, the coaches poll, the daily practice updates, the obscene cutoff for first-time season ticket buyers... Just imagine if we opened with Oklahoma State again, or Boise State instead of Georgia Southern. If we opened with a night game against an Oklahoma State type team, there would be engineering students playing beer pong on the lawn in front of Driftmeir right now.

What I'm looking forward to seeing more than anything else is the breakout of the Dawgs' passing game. My gut tells me that we will see 200+ yards on the ground one week followed by 300+ in the air the next. There will be some receiving threats on the field unlike anything we've seen in a few years. Check out this article from the Macon Telegraph beat writer on newcomer A.J. Green and Coach Richt. If the offensive line can perform to Stacy Searels demands, and we have Knowshon, Stafford, and AJ Green on the field, what is a defense going to do? You have a running back that can spin through and break any tackle, a wide receiver that can blow past any defensive back, and a quarterback that can throw it a mile.

The bad news is we probably will have to wait until Week 3 to see all the pieces. I'm not expecting any fireworks against GSU or Central Michigan, as Bobo and CMR will likely keep it conservative. I think 52 points in South Carolina's stadium sounds pretty good, though.


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