Saturday, January 05, 2008

Getting Ready for Signing Day

Following recruiting has never been something I've considered worth any energy. Too many kids end up not panning out, getting hurt, not making grades, etc. to get all hyped up about recruiting classes. Plus, obsessing over the whims of 18 year-olds is, well, creepy.

That said, the Dawgs successfully complete a major coup today that speaks volumes. A.J. Harmon, an offensive lineman from Lousiville, GA, committed to the Clemson Tigers over the summer. Supposedly, he expressed interest in playing on the defensive line in college (he split time in high school). Clemson said, "sure," while other schools told him that he would play on the O-line.

Rumors swirled that the Dawgs continued recruiting him, though they maintained that he would stay on the offensive line where he belongs. After the four-star recruit attended the "Blackout" game against Auburn, rumors intensified. Harmon reportedly made remarks to the effect that one staff has told him the truth while the other has told him what he wants to hear. Tiger fans watching the Army All-American game were disappointed to learn that Harmon has now committed to Georgia.

In addition to being a great addition to the 2008 class, this spells out a few things to me:
  • Offensive line coach Stacy Searels is building the best line in the SEC
  • Evil-Richt's efforts to energize the team are energizing recruits as well
  • Evil-Richt's evil ways don't include lying to recruits

Just another reason to be excited about 2008 and beyond.

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